Youth Voices

At SchoolHouse Connection, we believe that young people are the experts on their experiences, needs and strengths. We are proud to provide this space for their perspectives.

Our Names are Destiny, Lorinda, and Jose: Navigating Homelessness During COVID-19

On April 30th, SchoolHouse Connection hosted a webinar featuring three young leaders from our Youth Leadership and Scholarship Program who are navigating higher education during the coronavirus pandemic. During the webinar, the students shared their experiences, challenges, and advice for other students, higher education professionals, and service providers. This blog post has been repurposed from the webinar.

SHC 2020 Scholars Announced

It is our pleasure to announce SchoolHouse Connection’s 2020 scholar class: Diego, ID Cecelia, CA Samantha, MO Kayla, NC Caitlin, TX Ashley, AZ Lanie, MO Hayden, KY Carlos, OK Phoenix, MT At SchoolHouse Connection, one of our guiding principles is that young people...

Never Stop Telling Your Story: 7 Questions with Destiny Dickerson, an SHC Young Leader

Destiny explains, “Having had to silently deal with so many mental health issues and watching others struggle in their own ways, I have developed a passion to want to help those struggling to find inner peace.” Here, Destiny explains how education has been a powerful force in her life--and how she’s compelled to help other students experiencing homelessness be their own best advocates.

Celebrating Our 2019 Graduates

We celebrate the end of the school year by recognizing some exceptional high school and college graduates. These SchoolHouse Connection scholars are breaking the cycle of homelessness by earning their high school and college degrees. We celebrate their...

SHC 2019 Scholars Announced

SchoolHouse Connection welcomed eleven new scholars from across the nation into the SchoolHouse family during a trip to Orlando, FL, April 4-6. The scholars were recognized during the School Social Work Association of America conference, presented a concurrent session to offer their insights, and enjoyed a fun-filled day at Disney World.

It Was a Revival of Some Sort

By Ed Vere. Ed graduated with Highest Honors from a Blue Ribbon High School District in Illinois. He is a third-year Urban Studies student at Wheaton College. “This past June, my SchoolHouse Connection peers and I came from all over the U.S. to Washington, D.C. to speak truth — our truths — to power and to each other… Our time together was a revival of some sort … of resiliency, of being nurtured, and of past pain and trauma."

Homelessness: They Just Don’t Get It

By Destiny Dickerson, an SHC scholar who is majoring in Psychology at San Diego State University. "I did not sleep in a tent, or on a park bench, but I was still homeless. There are many students and people who are living just like me and deserve to be validated in their homeless status. We have already lost so much. We deserve to be recognized.”

DC Summit 2018: Refinding Family, Speaking Truth, Advocating for Change

By Megan "Mutt" Martin. Megan, age 20, graduated from the Anchorage School District, AK. She is majoring in Nursing at The University of Alaska, Anchorage. "I realized that I was an advocate. I wasn’t just a youth spinning a sob story to get someone’s attention. I was a young adult talking about the realities that homeless youth face. I faced these realities in my childhood, and I know that many others still face them, and will continue to face them in childhoods yet to come."

THIS is how we end homelessness.

We are celebrating the end of the school year by recognizing some exceptional college graduates. These SchoolHouse Connection young leaders are breaking the cycle of homelessness by earning their college degrees. We celebrate their accomplishments, and we are honored to share their reflections with you.

Voices of Youth: Education, Homelessness & Hope

Amy Bradley, Director of Youth Leadership and Scholarships at SchoolHouse Connection, facilitated a panel at the National Title I Conference, hosted by the National Title I Association in Philadelphia, PA. The session was titled, “Voices of Youth: Education, Homelessness, Hope", and consisted of four young leaders (Liam, Gladys, Bernadette, and Sasha). Check out the video of the session!

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