Below are tools and resources to assist in the identification of homeless students. Stay tuned as we add more.

  1. [Webinar] Identifying Students Experiencing Homelessness: How Small Changes in Email Communications Can Achieve Big Results
    • Schools often struggle to identify children and youth experiencing homelessness, but identification is a critical first step in providing the support needed for educational success. This webinar will share the creation and results of a pilot project and study executed by the Office of Evaluation Sciences (OES) within the General Services Administration. The project used insights from behavioral science to develop new email communication materials to share simplified information on homelessness with school district homeless liaisons and superintendents in New Jersey, New Mexico, and New York. These simplified emails were designed to help school districts accurately identify homeless students in their districts and schools. Throughout the webinar, one member of the OES project development team and representatives from the New York and New Mexico teams will share their insights and experiences so that practitioners in other school districts and states can replicate the project and improve the identification of students experiencing homelessness.
  2. [Guest Perspective] Identifying Students Experiencing Homelessness: How Small Changes in Email Communications Can Achieve Big Results, Part I
    • Daniel Shephard is the President of the Implementation Science and Communication Strategies Group and a former member of the Office of Evaluation Sciences and the Obama administration’s White House Social and Behavioral Sciences Team. He writes here about his perspective on the behaviorally-informed email communications project developed by the Office of Evaluation Sciences.
    • Email templates
  3. [Webinar] Identifying Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness
    • McKinney-Vento is a powerful law, but it cannot help students who are not identified as eligible for its protections. In this webinar, McKinney-Vento liaisons and State Coordinators will share best strategies for identifying eligible students. We’ll review the legal requirements, provide sample documents, and answer your questions.
  4. Student Homelessness: Lessons from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)
    • Part I: Prevalence, Identification, and Action Steps for Schools

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